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Origin of HSDN

A family lawyer in Winnipeg wanted to help her clients reduce the amount of conflict they were experiencing during their separations. Looking for inspiration, she came across an online support network from the UK created by parents looking to create a supportive network to help them through separation.


Since there was nothing like it in Winnipeg, we were inspired to create a similar network here. Our vision is an online support hub filled with legal resources, professional services, relevant articles, and inspiration – to empower people to create their own network of support, and choose a healthy and supportive path for their families following separation.

Informal Polling

Talking to parents on the soccer fields, people at work, family service professions, with friends, and just spreading the word, we had enthusiastic responses for an online site devoted to making it easier for people to get the information and assistance needed to have a healthier divorce.

“Grassroots” Movement

Meeting with a group of family lawyers, financial specialists, parenting co-ordinators, mediators and counselors provided helpful, constructive feedback and ideas used in further developing the site. The movement to a healthier separation/divorce through creating a network of support was born of a true community spirit.

Board of Directors

A family lawyer, parent, and a child of divorced parents, trained in conflict resolution and a member of Collaborative Practice Manitoba.

A parent and free-lance writer, who intentionally researched and chose compassionate and collaborative approaches to keep her own family conflict at a minimum during and after her separation.

A parent and public health nurse serving numerous families in Winnipeg’s core, passionate about equality, and promoting a more holistic health-based approach to family separation.

We love new ideas and we welcome new members to join the Board.

Tamara McCaffrey
Linda Drosdowech
Michelle McCaffrey